How it all began...

Ten years ago, I was visiting the Pike Place Market in Seattle, watching the fishmongers toss fish, when I turned around and there it was...a pasta lover's dream come true—a busy, little artisanal pasta display. From that moment forward, I knew I wanted to make my own pasta.

I started off at home, feeding my friends and neighbors. Everyone loved my homemade pasta so much that, at the age of 52, I started selling at local farmers markets. Things took off from there, and now retailers and restaurants all over the country sell my pasta!

Why artisanal pasta?

Folks often ask why Flour City Pasta tastes better than store-bought. I always reply, "It’s the love," but I recently discovered an article from Italy that explains it better than that. In big, commercial pasta factories, they dry the pasta at very high temperatures very quickly. I dry my pasta low and slow. This extended drying process allows my pasta to ferment slightly, creating that extra-delicious flavor everyone asks about. 

I use local and organic ingredients, sustainable practices, and my own two hands to make my pastas, partnering with farmers in my area and sourcing materials, such as spent brewers grain, distillers' grain, and wine pommace, to create original offerings that literally carry the flavors of the region with them. Not only that, but while the average store-bought pastas contain only 6-8% protein, my pastas boast double—12-16% protein content and a shelf life of three years!

Please visit my shop and try the unique tastes and textures of Flour City Pasta for yourself!

Enjoy & kind regards,

Jon Stadt
Owner of Flour City Pasta

Markets, Retailers, & Restaurants

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